Saturday, January 27, 2007

Magnetic "Student Driver" stickers would help

The deadly Jan. 10 car crash in Freehold Township that involved a car full of teenagers has everyone talking about whether 17-year-olds should drive -- to school, or at all. The Asbury Park Press poll was consistently at about 70 percent of readers feeling New Jersey shouldn't issue driver's licenses to people under age 18.

How is 17 and 18 so different, though? Learning is learning, at whatever age. I see 40-year-old soccer moms do stupid stuff on the road. I've seen an executive-looking guy on the Turnpike eating breakfast with a fork while driving! At least at 17, a parent can take away the keys or some other consequence. I'll bet the suit is still forking down his bacon and eggs tomorrow.

What would help my teens most would be if the school gave the kids magnetic "Student Driver" bumper stickers when it issues the card for passing the book test. It's difficult to teach teens how to drive well when they are afraid to practice because they are intimidated by tailgaters and honkers. And when they see hypocritical grownups, what do they learn about driving in New Jersey?

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What a great idea!