Sunday, January 21, 2007

Quite a tangled web

Professional political leech Richard Carver, board president of the Fellowship Foundation, seems to have been fired as board chairman of Competitive Technologies Inc. (AMEX: CTT). My take on the Fellowship, which sponsors the annual National Prayer Breakfast for the Washington power elite, is that it's a shadow State Department run by would-be theocrats -- Christianists and Zionists -- apparently at times with foreign-affairs power seemingly equal to the State Department.

What this may have to do with New Jersey is that the Stevens Institute in Hoboken last summer signed an exclusive contract with CT to commercialize its intellectual work:
Did institute officials know of CT board leadership's connections, and did it/does it want Carver to have access to this intellectual property? Should we be relieved at the loss of someone with Carver's neocon stripes, or should we worry he just wasn't neocon enough for someone? Could it just be it was recognized that in today's dangerous economy, the company may need to actually make money instead of being a political play toy? Ah, for the ears of the flies on the CT's glass-office walls ...

Forbes magazine had a bio on the Peoria, Ill., lumber-store king awhile back. Missing was the fact he also was a longtime trustee at Bradley University but seems to have been canned there, too.

Wayne Madsen's Jan. 19-21 report gave the intriguing details of the CT boardroom showdown.

Wall Street and Technology hones in on CT's contract wtih Avaya (nee AT&T, right?). I suspect some Fort Monmouth contractors have an inside track on that project.

Religion reporter Jeff Sharlet enlightened us with interesting articlefor Harper's magazine in 2003 after he spent some time living at Carver's Fellowship Foundation. Read Sharlet's ongoing observations of religion and politics at his blog and at his website, Killing the Buddha .

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