Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The 9/11 memory hole

Poignant is the talking point of the day, but factual reality is what's on our radar.

That's why this piece today in Raw Story by Peter Lance, author of "1000 Years for Revenge," is a fascinating read. It's a narrative, so open the link when you have time to read it in entirety.

I didn't know Lance was gagged. Did you? I've been wondering why a top investigative reporter on al Qaeda would participate in the made-for-TV propaganda, "Path to 9/11," and never explain why.

Our former N.J. Gov. Thomas H. Kean's role in this narrative is significant, and Lance leaves me thinking there's more to the Kean story than he tells us here. We should be more curious about these things.

Cyrus failed to underscore the significance of the two fighters being scrambled out of Otis Air National Guard (ANG) base on Cape Cod, 188 miles from Ground Zero; arriving too late to interdict UA #175 which had hit the South Tower.

By the time he’d written the script, Nowrasteh had read my second 9/11 book Cover Up and he knew – per a Dec. 5, 2003 Bergent (sic) Record story quoting his advisor Gov. Tom Kean - that there were two F-16’s from an identical ANG base in Atlantic City which could have reached Manhattan in under eight minutes that day.

But they were never scrambled by NEADS or NORAD; a glaring omission left out of Kean’s 9/11 Commission Report that any desk assistant for ABC News could have uncovered with a simple search on Google.
The video I'm recommending for those who want to remember the truth, not the "1984"ed version of Sept. 11, 2001, is a documentary DVD featuring our own 9/11 widows dubbed the Jersey Girls, "9/11: Press for the Truth."


ewastud said...

There is another good article by Greg Palast published today about 9/11 and what our government thinks we "ought not to know" about it.

Molly McCoy said...

Thanks, Stud. You're right.

Your link came up corrupted when I tried it, but I got it successfully here: