Sunday, July 29, 2007

Over the buttoned-down top

This is George W. Bush on vacation. ----->

And this is George W. Bush during his leisure time while on a recent business trip.

He thinks he can dress as he wants when he travels to our home turfs, but when we visit our White House, where he resides temporarily, we now must dress by his dress code -- no jeans, no sneakers, no T-shirts and no flip-flops. After all, if he is expected to dress up on duty there, we all should have to. That's the childish behavior we've come to expect of Bush.

But, that means we should behave as he and his family do when we're there, right?

Decorum in this White House. Absolutely.


CarolF said...

Nice job reporting some really overlooked news, Molly.

Anonymous said...

How can the White House not let people who are wearing sneakers go on the tour open to the public? Wouldn't that fall under discrimination laws? Bush doesn't own the White House; we do.

Sharon said...

Too funny! Tourists in dress clothes. That's one way to keep the public out of the house they're letting you stay in, eh?