Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Pop a bag of popcorn and pull up a soft chair. It's movie time. If you don't have QuickTime, it's worth loading the software to see this Movie Archive film I found at Thom Hartmann's website.

Then, hear Hartmann read the first chapter of his book, "Screwed." You won't regret spending a bit of your day off on American history instead of nationalistic fervor that'll bombard you the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, a thought I was pondering:

Wasn't the U.S. campaign at Normandy Beach a "suicide attack"? If our military conquests in the Middle East really are part of a "war," how can we decry suicide bombers as a war tactic? I don't think these conquests are war, however, and I see all bombings -- theirs, and ours -- to be crimes, violations of law.

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Anonymous said...

Did Hitler really round up Freemasons?