Monday, July 16, 2007

Well, whad'ya know?

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, is the favorite of military Republicans in the GOP pack for president.

Paul has received 23,465 donations, compared with traditional favorite Sen. John McCain's 15,825 military supporters. Of military donations, Paul takes almost 53% to McCain's 34%. Crikey, mate!

As I recall, the poll showed Paul won both GOP debates by a landslide in its polls, too.

Karl Rove may have misunderestimated Paul when he ordained the actor-with-loose-britches Fred Thompson the yet undeclared king of the hill.

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ewastud said...

There are rumors that the "actor with loose britches" Fred Thompson may be gay or bisexual. Reportedly, there is at least one person with personal knowledge who will come out and speak to the claim if Thompson anounces his candidacy.

I have personally found the apparently planted stories from Thompson's "lady friends" in the press to be a bit too obvious in trying to make Thompson out to be a "macho, lady's man" and hence, has made me suspicious.