Saturday, June 30, 2007

Catching up

Brookdale Community College decides U.S. Attorney Chris Christie is too politically partisan to televise an interview he did with pal state Sen. Joe Kyrillos, R-Monmouth.

An Arizona tourist blogs on his disgust Rep. Jim Saxton, R-Ocean, recycles all letters, literally a ream 3 inches deep, unread that constituents send him daily on immigration.

She (staffer) explained that this really wasn’t the Congressman’s issue and that he was focused more on the interests of his district in New Jersey.
Not interested in illegal immigration? Does Saxton ever come up from his rabbit hole?

Start the dirges for the day we won't be able to buy all this crap we do so cheaply. China has passed sweeping laws to protect its laborers, "rejecting pleas from foreign investors who argued that the measure would reduce China’s appeal as a low-wage, business-friendly industrial base." Gee, ya think? Maybe Chinese workers who are treated nicely won't slip poison into cat food and toothpaste additives they ship over here. I'd rather pay $5 for an umbrella than $1 -- or get wet -- than be on kidney dialysis, or dead, because American companies exploit unregulated Chinese suppliers.

Another one bites the dust. Rachel Brand, one of few left in Alberto Gonzalez' ranking army, resigned the Justice Department yesterday. Let me guess. The AAG for legal policy has been subpoenaed? That's seven directly under Gonzo who presumably can't justify their own "Justice" actions according to that little nuisance called "law." UpdateThe Next Hurrah reports interim USA Scott Schools also bailed on Gonzo this week. (Do they go out of their way to pick people with nouns for last names?)

Speaking of which, Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo updates the case of ex-Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, who may be Karl Rove's biggest success so far in politicizing the Justice Department. We wrote about it initially on June 1.

"Rupert Murdoch is no saint," says Moyers of the Fox News owner. "He is to propriety what the Marquis de Sade was to chastity. When it comes to money and power, he's carnivorous, all appetite and no taste. He'll eat anything in his path."

In this Hardball clip, do you find yourself hoping, as I do, the little girl in the back will just smack Ann Coulter upside the head? I can't tell if the kid is laughing at or with her.

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