Sunday, June 3, 2007


Delilah Boyd takes apart CDD, a.k.a. Christian Domestic Discipline, the term radical Christians use so their S&M, sadism and masochism, doesn't sound like, well, S&M. Delilah found this website full of wife-spanking books and crotchless pantaloons (no kidding, pantaloons!) and acoutrements suitable for a sex slave. Don't hit that link if you're younger than 18 or squeamish. It's borderline porn.

Speaking of which, NSA-agent-turned-reporter Wayne Madsen dishes details: He says a phone number from D.C. madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey's list of johns in the 1990s is the extension to then-Halliburton President/CEO Dick Cheney's headquarters on Anderson Road, McLean, Va.

That wouldn't necessarily mean the Vice made the call to the madam. But the coincidences mount. The same extension was used in November and December 2000 by the Bush-Cheney Transition Team, Madsen says. The building is owned by the West Group, where Alice M. Starr, wife of Monicagate independent (lol) prosecutor Kenneth Starr, has been a vice president. Another number on the list, Madsen says, may track to Cheney's old house on Madison of McLean Drive in Ballantrae, Va. Madsen's website is subscription-only access. The phone number and full street addresses are there.


ewastud said...

Sorry,but yor link to the CDD wbsite does not work. I successfully traced it back through the Boyd article, though. It is a hoot! I especialy liked the page "Frequently Asked Questions for Men," by Sir Don. How about this question:

Isn't spanking just for kinky play ?

No, it is a great form of behavior modification and attitude adjustment.

Molly McCoy said...

Thanks for pointing out the broken link, ewastud. Fixed it.

The CDD Moms Q&A page is also a stitch. The answers come almost all from men, naturally, lol. It's clear from the poor spelling and bizarre thoughts that these CDD moms aren't very educated or worldly.