Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday this and that

More bombs found on Surf City beaches: What else?

First, the bees, now, the birds are disappearing.

Interesting discussion over at Blue Jersey about U.S. Attorney Chris Christie's latest gaffe in his charade as a nonpartisan lawman. More in Saturday's NYT:

And in an unusual and oddly partisan attack, the United States attorney for New Jersey, Christopher J. Christie, who was Mr. Rabner's boss for a number of years, sharply criticized legislators and Mr. Corzine for not adequately defending Mr. Rabner.
Only, we don't think it's unusual at all for Christie to show his partisan stripes. He just did it without the usual masquerade. Then we have Christie's buddy at the Department of Justice, Michael Elston, the latest rat jumping off the sinking USS Alberto Gonzales.

U.S. Senate Democrats need just one more vote to break a Republican filibuster (there's that word again) on a bill that would require utilities nationwide to buy some renewable energy. New Jersey already requires them to buy "green tags." Our friends with solar panels love the cash their extra power brings them at online auction, and the utilities get comparatively cheap energy. It's a win-win, for everyone but Big Oil, Big Coal and Big Nuke. Meanwhile, our senators did manage to block a measure that would have allowed oil drilling off of Virginia's coast, 100 miles from New Jersey.

The right-wing bar star U.S. solicitor general George W. Bush appointed is helping Wall Street screw Enron's pensioned employees again, along with small investors, and works to make defrauding investors standard business for all corporations. Must read.

Home foreclosures in the U.S. hit 50=year high.

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