Monday, February 19, 2007

2+2 not adding up in "new" JFK clip

This allegedly never-before-seen (why not?) film footage shot 90 seconds before JFK was assassinated Nov. 23, 1963, in Dallas isn't adding up for me. What do you readers think?

Look at the clear crowd scene just after the closeup of Jackie. There's a guy in the crowd looking up at what might be the Texas Depository. At least, with that clear footage of the front of the depository (strange, itself, so clear and so handily juxtaposed presumably at such a chaotic scene), it could give one the subliminal thought that he was looking at the depository, combined with that fella looking up and to his left when he should have been looking the other way at the president within stone's throw of him.

Why does MSNBC not answer the most obvious question we all must have: Why would the photographer not have made this film known to someone in all these years?

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Anonymous said...

I find it odd that MSNBC would label their video "JFK Jr. assassination" What lousy proofreading! Or don't they know anythng about history and people in the news?

Apparently, the family of the camera man or the cameraman himself said the book depository footage was shot the following day after the assassination, according to other comments posted on the site from people who saw the MSNBC story after the initial broadcast and report by Raw.