Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Peace on the march

Carol Gay, the Dem challenger to Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., in November's election, helped organized two busloads of people from Monmouth and Ocean counties to join hundreds of thousands of people at the Jan. 27 peace demonstration in Washington, D.C.
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The day was gorgeous, she says, but the mission "was a serious one - to stop the funding for the occupation of Iraq. The mood of the crowd was high spirited, joyous and peaceful. Young and old, veterans protesters and first-timers, they all are committed to stopping George Bush's ill-fated actions in the Middle East."

Gay and some others followed up on Monday with a personal visit to every member of the NJ congressional delegation. She says they'll keep on demanding our federal government stop meddling in Iraq and start accounting for the waste, fraud and abuse of our tax dollars there. (Speaking of which, if you thought the missing $8.8 billion sent for Iraq reconstruction during Paul Bremer's watch was bad, get a load of the latest news that we sent another $4 billion to him to run the provisional authority in 363 tons of $100 bills and LOST THEM! That's like 16 tractor-trailers full, about $4 billion of our hard-earned tax dollars.)

NJ Labor Against the War and NJ Industrial Union Council sponsored the buses, Gay say.

Truthout has video of the march and Central New Jersey Coalition for Peace and Justice has pictures posted from the march.

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