Saturday, February 17, 2007

NJ blog roundup

The Opinion Mill on Friday took on the shock jocks at 101.5 -- and I think Opinion Mill won this round. This type of "gay Polack" stuff won't stop until the public reacts. "Potty Brains" is a must read.

A little headier but also in a Friday post, NJ Law Blog explained a ruling that gives condo owners' associations priority over towns on surplus from liens.

Over at Bayshore Journalista, on Thursday delightful writer Jackie Corley tackled the hot pay-to-play and election reform issues: "I'll be diving into the reports of Monmouth's ruling Republican Party and publishing what I find. Do contractors still contribute in spite of pay-to-play regulations? Are PACs and municipal organizations being used by the county GOP to navigate around pay-to-play regulations?" Good graphic linked there, too.

Da Truth Squad, a brand new Manalapan-based blogger focused on MonCo Republicans (some may know daTruth as a needling fixture in some forums), rants about the county Republican Politboro's new candidate "application." Chairman Adam Puharic's new candidate contract pretty much ensures the GOP primary will be a sham because no one can challenge his chosen proteges. How long can "Pu-Pu" hold on to this job with so much dissent, including from fellow Republican Freeholder Anna Little, a legal eagle who has pointed out this contract may be just a wee bit, um, unconstitutional?

Over at City Belt, Jon Shure had a guest column Tuesday suggesting we should "throw off 'home rule,' share resources, and govern smartly if we want a future."

Monmouth RastaMan reported Friday that Democratic insiders are predicting Amod Choudhary of Colts Neck, an engineer-turned-lawyer who serves on the school board, will challenge Republican Claire French for the county clerk seat she has held for many terms.

Also on the political front, Center of NJ Life Monday wrote a roundup of the "fighting 12th" (isn't that an understatement?) state legislative district from Oceanport to Hightstown for Blue Jersey blog.

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