Friday, February 16, 2007

Inhumanity of man, honor of woman

This interview with Susan McDougal, who went to federal prison -- housed on death row -- jail for civil contempt rather than lie about President Clinton, so breaks my heart that the America my ancestors settled and founded could revert to such barbaric lows ... I couldn't finish reading the transcript and didn't dare watch the video. Maybe y'all are tougher.

(snip) McDCOUGAL: I remember the night before I went to jail, I sat down with my seven brothers and sisters, my Mom and Dad; my Mom was Belgian and had been though the war and my Dad was a soldier, and I remember people were saying, “She knows something. She’s hiding something. She’s probably getting payoffs. There were all sorts of things being said in the media on both sides. And I remember my Mom said to me—this tiny little lady, only five-feet tall; I had been taller than her since I was in the fourth grade—she said, “Isn’t there anything you know about them that you could say that would be the truth? That you could trade? That would be truthful and you could live with?” And I looked at her and I said, “I don’t know a thing those people have ever done that was illegal, immoral, wrong.” And I remember, she stood up, and said, “It’s what Hitler did: He would turn people against other people and make them testify against them. And send them to concentration camps and threaten them if they didn’t.” And she said, “If we beat that guy, we can beat this guy.”

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