Thursday, April 26, 2007

As goes Dunkin', so goes the nation?

This is what capitalism looks like.

BlueJersey says El Diario reports Dunkin' Donuts pulled ads from 101.5 FM radio in objection to the obnoxious Jersey Guys.

The latest from these local Don Imus wannabes? La Cucha Gotcha, a hilarious (cough cough) running skit asking listeners to call and report anyone they think is an illegal immigrant, which likely is anyone with a Latino surname. Perhaps they should have asked listeners to report businesses that illegally hire undocumented foreign workers, so the companies can be prosecuted.

Assemblyman Fred Caraballo reacted to the offensive "joke" by starting a campaign to urge show advertisers to take their business elsewhere.

Munchkins are calling to me now.

Update from Blue Jersey: A history of the Jersey Guys' hatefest.

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