Sunday, April 15, 2007

So much "voter fraud," so little time

In blogs nationally, I'm seeing lots of talk about Karl Rove's obsession with getting U.S. attorneys to make "voter fraud" claims against Dems at election time. This Atlantic story is just one source.

Does anyone remember stories written hot off the fax machines from press releases from now-Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck and failed candidate Declan O'Scanlon in September 2005 asking New Jersey's U.S. Attorney Chris Christie to investigate Monmouth County "voter fraud"? It was right about the time Christie's office dutifully "leaked" subpoenas on records Menendez held as landlord to a subject of a later-turned-out-fruitless (surprise) investigation. The GOP had that twisted into campaign ads "Menendez under federal investigation" faster than the little birdies whispered that scoop into reporters' telephones.

Here's one version of the story on that Beck/O'Scanlon press release, plucked from the memory hole.

"The Attorney General has been handed clear evidence of voter fraud and has done nothing. It’s time for US Attorney Christie to take over (or start) the investigation. We hope our opponents will join us in trying to root out voter fraud in Monmouth County.”
What's interesting, given the latest in Gonzogate, is the press release didn't give details even to a clue of verifiable facts, and I haven't seen anything more about it since.

Anyone else know what came of the Monmouth County "voter fraud" claim?

I dare say that no evidence of any voter fraud in Monmouth County -- let alone fraud exclusive to Democrats -- has come foreward in these two years, has it?

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