Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cheney's delusions

The Los Angeles Times yesterday had a good editorial, George McGovern: Cheney is wrong about me, wrong about war.

Former presidential candidate and longtime Sen. George McGovern, among other astute observations, asks about Vice President Dick Cheney:

Does he remember that the Democratic Party, with me in the lead, reformed the presidential nomination process to ensure that women, young people and minorities would be represented fairly?
Sure, "Dead-eye" Dick remembers. That's exactly why he's on the attack. He doesn't count any of us nonaristocrat, nonwhite, nonmales as being part of the American constituency, except as servitude, and he doesn't want anyone else to count us, either, especially come election time.

Impeach Cheney, then Bush, in short order. They've committed more than enough crimes for too many years. Besides, I like the sound of a President Pelosi.

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Anonymous said...

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