Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The e-mail controversy heats up

Today's best reading is about the secret White House e-mail address to prevent the public from knowing they operate fundamentally for the Party in violation the Hatch Act -- and maybe many more laws -- as we pay them to serve all the American public.

Mother Jones magazine has the scoop:

The hidden scandal in the administration’s already scandalous purge of eight U.S. Attorneys is the discovery that White House officials have been regularly communicating using nongovernmental email addresses, some of them administered by the Republican National Committee. As we reported a couple weeks ago, this seems a blatant attempt to prevent emails from being archived by the White House computer system and potentially flouts the Presidential Records Act, a law enacted after Watergate to ensure that the papers of presidents and their advisor's are adequately preserved (and eventually made available to the public).

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