Monday, April 16, 2007

Impeachment Day: April 28

America seems to be running out of patience with Bush administration crimes.

It's mind-boggling that the recently resigned No. 3 Justice Department official, Monica Goodling, can tell Congress she won't answer their questions about her boss, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, because doing so would implicate herself in a crime -- and, even this very day, Gonzales says he won't resign and George Bush supports that.

Talking turkey, that's America's top lawman, whose emails prove him to be a liar and whose confidante says his office has something to do with committing at least one crime. And then there's still the old problems of the White House violating an American treaty and being the source of treason.

April 28 is the public's judgment day.

Nonpartisan activists are organizing demonstrations in state capitals all over the country. Wearing blue, they'll form a human mural of the word "impeach" to urge states to pass resolutions demanding Congress impeach and convict George Bush and Dick Cheney.

South Jersey planners are communicating in this Google group.

North Jersey planners have a Web site here.

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ewastud said...

I will be out demonstrating in favor of impeachment on that day for sure!