Thursday, April 5, 2007

Quick hits

A new Brick blog called Shore Shotz is declaring war on grafitti in Brick. The site is devoted to boycotting businesses that, in fairness, were victims yet fail to clean up the eyesore on their property.

The 5th Estate community at Live Journal I just discovered seems like a cheeky male version -- kinda -- of your On Our Radar gals.

Speaking of us, On Our Radar signed up to try GoogleAds. At the time, the ad was Hurricane Katrina aid. We don't have a say about the ad Google puts up, which has changed to promoting a book, "Why Mommy is a Democrat." For what it's worth -- and I may be violating the ad agreement a little, but s'est la vie -- I think I speak for all of us at On Our Radar that we disdain partisanship as a game. I haven't seen the book, but our radar is on facts and smart ideas, not political segregation.

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