Thursday, May 24, 2007

Asking the wrong question

U.S. Attorney Chris Christie keeps saying Alberto Gonzales never asked him to do anything partisan, but why aren't the journalists asking the obvious folo question: Did he talk with anyone else in DoJ or the White House, like, say, Monica Goodling, who at 33 had experience only at the RNC with her degree from Pat Robertson's Tier 4 law school before becoming Christie's boss. She admits attorneys were used in partisan plots.

We learned yesterday those nine attorneys weren't "fired," according to Goodling. They were just part of the DoJ's "attorney replacement program." Dontcha just love newspeak?

Why aren't reporters interested in this story, and, moreover, why does MSM seem to need to continue to go out of their way to deceive readers about the fact Christie was on the firing list from January to November 2006, not just put on and off it in November?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for reporting what no one else seems to have the courage to wonder out loud.