Saturday, May 26, 2007

How they voted

The roll call on the Iraq funding vote yesterday in the House:

Vote No. 424 (the first roll call) included funds for Katrina relief, children's health insurance subsidies, an increase in the minimum wage, and other spending items. Vote 425 (the second one) included funds for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, among other things. In the Senate, they were rolled together into one bill, which both of NJ's senators voted for. ...

Andrews, D-Haddon Heights Y Y
Ferguson, R-Westfield Y Y
Frelinghuysen, R-Harding N Y
Garrett, R-Wantage N Y
Holt, R-Pennington Y N
LoBiondo, R-Millville Y Y
Pallone, D-Long Branch Y N
Pascrell, D-Paterson Y N
Payne, D-Newark Y N
Rothman, D-Fair Lawn Y N
Saxton, R-Mount Holly Y Y
Sires, D-West New York Y N
Smith, R-Robbinsville Y Y
What some of them said is here.
Rep. Rob Andrews, D-Haddon Heights: "There are two ways to end our involvement in Iraq's civil war. The first is to elect a new President who will accomplish this goal. The second is to achieve a veto-proof majority for a withdrawal plan during this President's term.
Try a third way. Don't give any more of our damn money to the military-industrial complex.

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