Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Can you hear me now, Mr. Christie?

Waking the beast? We can hope. Finally a mainstream newspaper chain has picked up the real voter fraud story that has long been reported in investigative blogs but was swept under a rug by Big Media, perhaps because the Goebbelsean spin machine told dutiful Big Media reporters to look the other way. Most of this was old news:

Accusations about voter fraud seemed to fly from every direction in Missouri before last fall's elections. State and national Republicans leaders fretted that dead people might vote or that some live people might vote more than once.

The threat to the integrity of the election was seen as so grave that Bradley Schlozman, the acting chief of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division and later the U.S. attorney in Kansas City, twice wielded the power of the federal government to try to protect the balloting. The Republican-controlled Missouri General Assembly also stepped into action.

Now, six months after freshman Missouri Sen. Jim Talent's defeat handed Democrats control of the U.S. Senate, disclosures in the wake of the firings of eight U.S. attorneys show that that Republican campaign to protect the balloting was not as it appeared. No significant voter fraud was ever proved.

The preoccupation with ballot fraud in Missouri was part of a wider national effort that critics charge was aimed at protecting the Republican majority in Congress by dampening Democratic turnout. That effort included stiffer voter-identification requirements, wholesale purges of names from lists of registered voters and tight policing of liberal get-out-the-vote drives.

Bush administration officials deny those claims. But they've gotten traction in recent weeks because three of the U.S. attorneys ousted by the Justice Department charge that they lost their jobs because they failed to prove Republican allegations of voter fraud. They say their inquiries found little evidence to support the claims.
So, where are those indictments resulting from the "Bob Menendez under investigation" leak from New Jersey U.S. Attorney Chris Christie's office in September 2006 as the Democrat was running a close and ultimately successful U.S. Senate campaign against Christie's party favorite Thomas Kean Jr.?

Mr. Christie, did your call get "dropped" on that "investigation"? After eight months without indictment, let alone conviction, can you blame us for thinking your wild election-time subpoena was a partisan ploy?

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