Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Religion that matters

So long, Jerry Falwell. How sad your informal public eulogies focus on your racism, sexism, homophobia, greedmongering, warmongering. Enough on that now. This post is about religion.

I love what Gina-Marie Cheeseman has written about the Jesus of the Bible, not of the misogynist Moral Majority religious frauds Falwell inspired:

The Religious Right stole Jesus; the Jesus of the Gospels who fed the five thousand, treated women with respect, and subverted the religious and political structures of his day. They have taken the Jesus who was a political radical and executed for his radical politics, replacing him with a smiling, weak, and money-loving Jesus.

They stripped Jesus of his politics. They have made the politics of Jesus all about taking away the rights of women. They have made Jesus into something he was not, someone he would despise.

They stole Jesus, but I am taking him back from their sexist theology. I am claiming the Jesus that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John wrote about; the Jesus who talked to a Samaritan woman, healed women, and hung out with people society tossed away. I am taking back the real Jesus and casting aside their Jesus. I do not need that one any longer. ...

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