Thursday, March 8, 2007

Newt's finest "family values" moment

Speaking of naughty, bed-hopping Republicans ...

Former House leader Newt Gingrich, seen as a hopeful recruit for the Republican presidential race, told the Associated Press, "I had an affair during the Clinton impeachment."

Oh, really?

Gingrich explains he's not a hypocrite, because he pursued President Clinton's infidelity only out of "concern" about trying to punish Clinton for perjury, not "rendering judgment" on a "personal level." It was so important he spent $60 million of our tax dollars investigating every allegation, only to come up dry on everything except a sex act with a consenting woman who deserved her privacy respected, even if Clinton was a public figure.

Newt says neither he nor any of his Republican caucus ever spoke judgmentally or personally about Clinton. Ha! And still don't, right? The one and only issue, ever, was that Clinton lied -- never mind it was in answer to a question no one except Hillary had any business asking him. He sure doesn't seem so "concerned" about I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's conviction last week for perjury -- oh, no, not when a convicted liar is one of his own. (Note: The Senate did not convict Clinton on the Newt-led House impeachment.)

Here's what I wonder. Is Newt's Bible some new edition I don't know about? Mine says a lie by omission is equally as sinful. Seems as if he has been omitting this sin he committed under oath of office.

And my Bible also speaks poorly of those who don't show contrition for their sins, Newt.

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