Sunday, March 11, 2007

Didn't they learn from "Jeff Gannon"?

The gay blog world that outed magical "journalist" Jeff Gannon of the's Talon News online "newspaper" has caught another impostor. You'll remember "Go Ahead, Jeff" as the short-lived member of the White House press corps on whom Bush spokesmen Ari Fleisher and Scott "my Scott" McClellan always could count for a GOP talking point "question" when the grilling got hot.

Well, the new darling at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington last week was Col. Matt Sanchez, 36, a returning college student. CPAC bestowed its Jeane Kirkpatrick Academic Freedom Award upon Sanchez. President Reagan's U.N. ambassador must be rolling in her grave.

Like James D. Guckert, who played the role of Jeff Gannon in the aforementioned scam, Sanchez is a gay prostitute, and also a porn star. Remember Ann Coulter, another of CPAC's darlings last week calling Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a "faggot" and earlier predicting we'll see Dem candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton "come out of the closet"? I posted on that a few days ago.

Max Blumenthal wrote a good piece here for Huffington Post, but please be aware that some of the links to the gay bloggers have very graphic sexual images, including shots from Sanchez' professional portfolio. Sanchez makes his rebuttal at

The paradoxical newspeak of the conservative 101st Keyboard Brigade never ceases to amaze me. It seems as if you can almost bet that whatever they say they are is, in fact, the polar opposite. If your first language is newspeak, it makes perfect sense that gay prostitute/porn stars have a welcome mat at homophobic conservative gatherings.

Maybe CPAC would be better off if it took a page from Monmouth County GOP chair Adam Puharic's playbook primary-candidate contract that requires everyone to pay for a litmus test, er, "background check," that would go to the party chair to decide who gets to be recognized as "Republican."


ewastud said...

Has Mr. Sanchez also been spotted coming out of, or going into, the White House at all hours of the day, as did Jeff Gannon aka James Guckert? Has Mr. Sanchez taken the place of Gannon/Guckert in providing White House "services"? I think the question merits a FOIA request like the one which revealed the odd comings and goings of Gannon/Guckert.

Such activities are not merely arousing to our prurient interest, but have serious national security concerns, something the GOP didn't hesitate to point out regarding the Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see the picture page online of all the times Bushie has been snapped rubbing the head of bald men he meets, strangers for the most part? It's distubing. Kinda like the time Vlad Putin was snapped pulling up a little boy's shirt and kissing his belly. What's with these guys? Did they interbreed too much like the old monarchies of Europe?