Saturday, March 17, 2007

Plamegate and Sibel Edmonds

Lukery at the Wotisitgood4 blog has a fresh post about fired FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, the most legally gagged person in American history. I think Luke is an Aussie who hasn't been afraid to dig and speculate, and Sibel has said he understands and connects the dots better than anyone else about the truths she can't say without being tried for treason under the Bush/Cheney regime.

What we didn't see anyone yesterday ask Valerie Plame under oath -- and maybe this was one of the things on the gag list someone gave our House representatives -- is about exactly when Plame's cover company was outed. Most of us think Robert Novak did it with the second column he published in July 2003 a week after his first one that outed her as a CIA agent who is Joe Wilson's wife.

What educated speculation tells us is that one of the things Sibel heard when translating the pre-9/11 tapes in 2001 is that Marc Grossman, who was in the State Department when Plame was outed in 2003 and is part of AIPAC, outed Brewster Jennings in 2001 to a quasi-criminal Turkish organization dealing in the underground nuclear market that Plame was tracking. Dick Cheney can out Plame, but Sibel can't out the rest of that plot that shut down Plame's cover company two years earlier. Funny. Not very objective.

Go here for a link to a trailer for a new movie about Sibel.

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