Monday, March 5, 2007

Vote fraud tortoise and the hare

The tortoise won in that story, and so, it seems is presumed congressional loser Clint Curtis. The computer-programmer-turned-politician is coming out ahead in his actual voter-by-voter private recount of the Florida's 24th district and others. (And, thank you, Brad Friedman for finally changing your seizure-inducing green-on-black type scheme, phew!)

Looks like Rep. Tom Feeney got greedy. An intellectual, he is not. Curtis, who worked for Feeney in private industry back in 2000, when he says Feeney as a then-Republican lobbyist had Curtis write a vote-stealing program for the black boxes then in use, was running consistently even in polls with Feeney yet lost by 16 percent.

What would you do if that happened to you in a poll of 10 people in the room? I'd go ask the 10 people if they really voted for the other guy. That's what Curtis is doing, and affidavits already show statistical proof to back him up.

Back on Capitol Hill, will he be able to get the holes patched in N.J. Rep. Rush Holt's bill?: "They seem to be getting it in D.C. now. You know, Holt put out his bill. There’s a few things that need to be fixed. But there are several people that are willing to put the amendments out there."


BradF said...

Couldn't find an email address for ya, UF. So I'll post here to thank you for linking to the new Clint Curtis interview, but wanted to correct your link for it.

The correct links is actually: The one you currently have posted sends folks to the middle of the article.

Utility infielder said...

So corrected! Thank you, Brad. And sooo many thanks, again, for changing the color scheme at BradBlog.

Keep pushing that envelope. I see Diebold says it wants to bail out of the industry now. Another of the many changed names/same players, since the operators have made the name Diebold mud, ya think?