Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Breck girl and the "skinny kid with a funny name"

Every hostess knows the pain of throwing a party and having no one show up. So, boo hoo today for Fox cable television (I refuse to call it "News"), which had to call off its trumpeted Democratic presidential debate in Nevada.

The handsome John Edwards respectfully declined and Barack Obama, who wowwed America at the '04 Democratic convention with his "politics of hope" speech, did not respond to the invitation, but earlier had blown off Fox reporters after that started the Hussein-is-his-middle-name hysteria.

As every teen knows, if you can't get the kul kids to your party, only desperate nerds will come.

So Edwards and Obama outfoxed Fox with a whisper merely by doing what real leaders do -- follow their principles.

I've been studying the phenomenon called Fox since Aussie Rupert Murdoch brought his style of "journalism" here some 20 years ago. And then watch as every dweeb network followed suit to get a piece of the money pie Fox was getting. I'm convinced it's as much the manipulative mouthpiece of the neoconservative branch of the Republican Party as Pravda and Tass were for the USSR's Communist Party. It may be worse, because Pravda didn't compete with real, objective media it could camouflage within.


ewastud said...

I had not heard anything about Barack Obama urging the Democrats to cancel the debate on Faux, but John Edwards was very vocal publicly about his opposition to it and vowed not to participate.

I do recall that Obama said he would not do any interviews with Faux "News" after he was smeared recently with their outrageously false and libelous story about Obama supposdely being educated as a "Muslim terrorist" at an Indonesian "madrassa" (presumably when Obama was all of 6 years old in the late 1960's).

Anonymous said...

I was just listening to a radio talk show with someone named Christiana who was involved in a group questioning the Nevada Democrats for planning to sponsor this with the fox. OMG! the behind the scenes is even worse than it looks. It was the Young Turks I was listening to on XM but they have a website where you can pick up old braodcasts, I think.

Anonymous said...

Hillary would have gone. She and Rup are bestest buds.