Friday, March 30, 2007

Glances: "My Sweet Lord"

Nude chocolate Jesus ticks off Christians: Was the problem the dark chocolate used for our oddly imagined blond wavy-haired Christ?

PSEG CEO Ralph Izzo called for tough greenhouse gas limits in front of Congress, breaking with most utility executives. Surprisingly, Goldman Sachs is another major corporation getting green praises.

Of all the things that could shoot down Rudy Guiliani's quest for the White House, the biggest head scratchers were comments in the Barbara Walters interview with Guiliani and wife #3, the former Judith Nathan, last week the couple intends the little missez to have a role in Cabinet meetings and "definitely health care issues."

WALTERS: Will your wife be involved in policy decisions?

MR. GIULIANI: To the extent she wants to be. I couldn't have a better advisor.

WALTERS: Will you sit in on policy meetings?

MRS. GIULIANI: Again, if she asks me to, yes. And, certainly, in the areas of health care.

WALTERS: If and when you are president, will Mrs. Giuliani sit in on cabinet meetings?

MR. GIULIANI: If she wanted to. If they were relevant to something she was interested in, that would be something that I would be very, very comfortable with.
I can hear some old coot saying, "You femiNAZIs should like that!" This couple isn't talking about Mrs. Guiliani having X qualifications and taking responsibility for X job. They're talking about her being in the most important meetings of the "leader of the free world" as a little wifey hobby, occasionally, as whims hit her. That's just nuts. And what's with the "certainly, in the areas of health care"? Why would they want to inspire images of first lady Hillary Clinton?

Bush plans to veto Congress' Iraq occupation funding, updated. Sonny is having a tantrum because he can't have ice cream for dinner. Is my thinking oversimplistic? My reaction: Good on you, Bush. Veto it and you have $0 to continue your bloodbath in Iraq. Which side is holding the aces here? Congress. Or, couldn't Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi just quietly ask Dems except for Baucus, Nelson, Lieberman and the like to stay in town Easter weekend, then late Saturday call an Easter morning vote to override the veto? Seems to my memory that's kind of the scam our own Rep. Christopher Smith, R-Ocean, was in on with the Terri Schiavo feeding tube escapades. The biggest thorn in my side was Bush's midnight "emergency" Air Force One ride back and forth from his vacation in Crawford, Texas, cost in gas, alone, four years' worth of my annual salary.


ewastud said...

Here is a great cartoon by Corky Trinidad that makes the same point in a very funny way.

Judy said...

My daughter was flipping through channels last night and found an old black and white movie classic about the Resurrection, and she called out to me laughing uproariously. The Christ was about a 40-something very blond, very Caucasian man with long wavy hair. She noted his audience all looked Italian.